Time Sheets

BusinessCraft Timesheets provide the ability to create, approve and optionally either transfer timesheet information to jobs in the BusinessCraft Job Costing Module or process approved timesheets in the BusinessCraft Payroll Module. BusinessCraft security levels for the logged in user determine the data visible and the actions permitted. BusinessCraft Timesheets is designed to present a weekly view, however users can record times on a daily basis and control when the timesheet is ready for further processing.


Optionally users can be required to record start and end times per day and BusinessCraft Timesheets will ensure that a timesheet cannot be set to Ready unless time has been correctly accounted for each day/week. There are additional options in BusinessCraft that can be used to determine what jobs are visible to users in BusinessCraft Timesheets. The best part of using BusinessCraft Timesheets is that users can customise their own view of the app to work the way they do, maximising their productivity!


See it in action here {Video coming soon}.


BusinessCraft Timesheets is available with the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.