Supplier eCommerce

BusinessCraft offer eCommerce integration with suppliers in the residential building industry that allow your business to grow in volume without increasing the overheads in processing the increased volume of Accounts Payable invoices from your suppliers. For example, image removing the need to process all Pricing updates, Purchase Orders and AP Invoices from Bunnings. BusinessCraft does this automatically in the background for you!


So how does it work?


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  • The supplier (eg. Bunnings) publishes their Area Pricing electronically 
  • BusinessCraft imports the Area Pricing from the supplier and uses that pricing on Purchase Orders raised during Estimating
  • Generated Purchase Orders are automatically sent to the supplier
  • The supplier in turn automatically creates an AP invoice which is auto-created in BusinessCraft
  • Once you pay the supplier invoice, a remittance is auto-sent to their accounting system notifying them of payment


To find out more watch the video here {Video coming soon}.


Supplier eCommerce is available in the Enterprise Subscription.