SugarCRM Connector

How many leads are your sales people actively engaged with? Which opportunities are likely to close in the next month? Where is each deal up to? The SugarCRM Connector for BusinessCraft facilitates all of this and MORE!


The Sugar Connector for BusinessCraft provides the ability to transfer data between SugarCRM & BusinessCraft. Whether you’re already using SugarCRM, are looking to change CRM’s or are new to the world of CRM, BusinessCraft can provide a solution to meet your requirements. The integration will provide you with the option to allow your customers to track progress, submit enquiries and lodge warranty, maintenance or general service requests.



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The level of access you choose to provide your customers can be handled either by only permitting emails to be sent to a defined address that can optionally auto create a Case in Sugar to implementing the web based Sugar Customer Portal (requires Sugar Enterprise) which will allow your authorised customers to login securely to access information that you choose to make available, lodge requests, request information or to update requests or track progress of requests.


The SugarCRM Connector for BusinessCraft is available with the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.