BusinessCraft Scanner Integration

Roughly how many hours per week do your team spend keying in AP invoices from subbies and suppliers? If you’re like most building companies, sometimes you even need to put on more people just to get through them all. Surely there’s a way to automate this? 


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There is!


BusinessCraft integrates with your office scanner through our partnership with Ezescan and allows your team to feed as many invoices through your scanner as the paper tray can handle and then extracts all the relevant data from the page and creates an Accounts Payable invoice in BusinessCraft.

Information like Date, Supplier, GST, Job Number and Purchase Order number are read from the page and matched to Purchase Orders already in BusinessCraft to skip your AP processing team ahead to ETS (Extra to Schedule) considerations without having to key in all the preliminary invoice information, allowing them to focus on other more important tasks.






Scanner integration is available with the Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.