Why home building companies need an industry-specific ERP

By Tony Collett
Category: Announcements

Having worked with BusinessCraft, and based on working with many unrelated industries over the last 30 years, I have seen that the building industry is like no other. Therefore, residential building companies need a software solution like no other.


The building industry is uniquely complicated


Nowhere but the building industry do you have so many parts and people that need to come together for one job. Several thousand unassembled parts make their way to one location in a coordinated manner to a committed schedule while more than 30 unrelated trades need to be at the same site and schedule for construction.


Non-specific solutions waste time


Some residential builders have fallen into the trap of having to reverse engineer their business processes to accommodate a non-specific software solution. This is a continuous battle that takes up valuable time. In many situations, the original problem was not solved and the planned benefits were not realised. With an industry-specific ERP, the software was created to solve problems that often pop up for builders.


In fact, a recent survey found that two of the top scoring features builders most like about their software was that:

  • It integrates well across their processes

  • It has a high level of building industry relevance


Necessity trumps bells and whistles


The most successful builders have software solutions like BusinessCraft, that are implemented around their business interests, goals and objectives. They were not mesmerised by bells and whistles and they avoided the ‘advice’ that they should get all the expensive modules now because “you’ll need them later…”


Local support understands your industry


The builders most satisfied with their software solutions had selected software that has local support teams. Whether this is simply someone to call or e-mail in Australia, remote and site visit support as well as development capabilities, local knowledge helps Australian builders.


How BusinessCraft fits these needs


We are now in a mature-age of computer software and ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning). If you are a builder, it is imperative to utilise a business management software that is industry specific, otherwise it will cost you in time, resources and lost opportunities.


At BusinessCraft, there is a strong and proud attachment to the residential building industry. The founder comes from a family of builders and, since inception, BusinessCraft has had a history of supporting the Australian building industry, having innovated and developed systems for residential builders over the last 30 years.


BusinessCraft’s business model is built around partnering. The team has worked tirelessly alongside building companies to develop and improve the BusinessCraft modules. Some of these companies have since moved on to be in the HIA Top 10 Australian Builders, partly based upon their smart utilisation of process and systems, underpinned by BusinessCraft.


BusinessCraft’s modular approach identifies and satisfies the key KPI driven areas of your business including sales and contract management; workflow and operational efficiencies; portal driven supplier and client communication; and maintenance management. It is the suite of products and services that underpin the claim that BusinessCraft is the ultimate builder’s software; and this is also evidenced by BusinessCraft’s current stable of clients.


BusinessCraft are not into bells and whistles, they are into results; which is more conducive to residential builders constructing more homes, more efficiently.

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