Home builder software that provides the ultimate customer experience

By Steve Parish
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While the quality of work is paramount for home builders, a lot of customers are left feeling let down by underwhelming communication and feel less than appreciated.


Customers are looking for two things when they build their homes: they require the end-product to be at the highest standard and they want to be kept in the loop about the process, in a seamless and efficient manner.


Many home builders are failing with the second requirement, but there are new practises that home builders can incorporate that will ensure they are in the top echelon in the provision of customer satisfaction; and you know that when you provide exceptional productivity and customer service, it leads to delighted customers and improved earnings.


Why the customer experience is so important


For a home builder, the reason is simple: it’s better for business. A home is one of the most expensive things that your customer will ever commit to, it’s only natural that they want to know what's going on.


There are countless surveys that will indicate that the main reason people decide on who they will buy from is the interaction process, or in other words, how delighted they are in dealing with the service provider. For the building industry, this is exciting for the sales process and for ongoing interaction with customers.


This concept of exceptional customer experience isn't new, but as times and technology change, the bar is raised and benchmarks move.


What the ultimate customer interaction looks like


A part of BusinessCraft’s fully integrated software for home builders is the Customer Portal. This module not only tracks the process of tasks and improves internal communication, it also provides an easy and exciting way to communicate with customers that is also significantly cost-efficient.


No longer will your clients feel the need to pick up the phone and chase you for information, instead you'll be able to deliver relevant details throughout the project in a proactive manner. This gives the control of customer communication back to the builder without adding anything to your workload.


Great features of the software (which is a collaboration with Constructive Software) include:

  • Your customers can log in and easily see live time updates about their home’s progress, including progress on the construction site, photos, required documents, useful contacts and more.

  • Everything is in one location that changes as your internal systems update or your field supervisors provide data. As your business goes about its daily process, your customer will be able to see updates automatically.

  • The portal has been designed with mobile phones in mind. We've found that more than half of portal views are from phones.

  • Embed your YouTube videos or graphics into the system to educate your client on the key stages of the process.

  • Your customers can also see and download documents, such as contracts plans, amendments, handover packs. The customer portal will notify the customers of the new documents for them to view. Everyone automatically has the latest version to look at, while also eliminating the need for physical folders and copies.

  • It explains the construction process via the progress sheet (which can be customised to your unique work flow) using simple terms and adding as much explanation as possible. The progress sheet educates your customer of the processes that need to be completed, including highlighting their responsibilities.

  • The portal also allows you to create customer surveys at key points of the build, giving you valuable feedback on the way you work. Our data has shown response rates go from 17% up to 41% without any incentives.

  • Photos uploaded to the portal can be easily shared on social media.

  • Bonus feature-Imagine your customers showing the building progress of their new home on their phone, tablet or laptop to their friends and colleagues; that’s exceptional public relations for you.


A customer for life


Not long ago, a sports colleague of someone I know embarked on the process of constructing their first home. They went through a rigorous due diligence before making their choice of who would be their builder.


When asked why they chose the builder, the answer was immediate, “We chose the builder who we knew was going to be easiest to deal with throughout the building process.” When asked what that meant, she elaborated, “It was the people and the portal; here, look at this” and she then demonstrated what she was talking about on her phone.


Delighted customers are only going to be too happy to recommend you to others.


To find out more, see Customer Portal or BusinessCraft Software, or call BusinessCraft on 02 4965 5555.