Finance & Payroll Software

The BusinessCraft accounting modules provide comprehensive integration with the operational modules. Along with job costing integration that provides the solid foundation, inventory management, purchasing and requisitioning complete the structure for total business management.

The finance and payroll suite comprises the following modules. Click on each one to find out more: General Ledger | Accounts Receivable | Accounts Payable | Fixed Assets | Cash Book |  Payroll & HR | GST & Business Activity


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General Ledger

The General Ledger provides in-depth consolidation of all transactions from the GL and subsidiary modules. Even with thorough reporting options as standard, you can further extend your output with the General Ledger report writer in conjunction with Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel for total flexibility.

Multiple Companies? Employ cross-company reporting for your complete financial position or run multiple entities in a single database using fully automated inter-company accounting and reconciliation. Why not utilise Recurring Journals to reduce repeated processing, or import from other packages (including Excel) for faster General Journal entry.

Accounts Receivable

All transactions processed within Accounts Receivable are recorded against a debtor as well as a job. The full integration with Job Costing allows access to real time invoice and payment history throughout the system. Standard ageing and transaction reports are available for modification in Crystal Reports for maximum reporting flexibility.

Apply cash receipts to outstanding debtor invoices or against a sundry debtor or even apply to open credit for later matching to an invoice to give accurate information on the debtor balance for each job.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Invoice Entry allows you to distribute supplier invoices across any combination of Purchase Orders, Direct to Job Costs or General Ledger Accounts. Comprehensive supplier analysis and history reporting is included as well as auto and manual selection of invoices for payment.

There is no need to process multiple invoices for multiple GST Codes. BusinessCraft's fully ATO compliant Business Activity (BAS) reporting allows for expenses to be distributed to multiple GST Codes. Full Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability and emailing of remittance advices provides more efficient payment processing and improves user productivity.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module within BusinessCraft provides complete asset maintenance with functions including Acquisition, Disposal, Transfer, Revaluation and Multiple Locations. Track Tax and Book depreciation for each asset with calculations based on Straight Line or Diminishing Method. Full integration ensures that all asset transactions will be automatically posted to General Ledger.

BusinessCraft provides the ability for unlimited extra information to be stored and reported against any asset for complete tracking.

Cash Book

The Cashbook module provides a number of features including non-creditor payments and non-debtor receipts processing. The comprehensive bank reconciliation, with cashbook balance and reconciliation reports always ensures you understand the cash position of your business.

Payroll & HR

BusinessCraft Payroll provides simple timesheet entry with integration to the Job Costing module. Employee Information including earnings (month & year to date) and accruals (superannuation, annual leave, RDOs, long service leave, sick leave) are included. Auto-creation of EFT files for export to banking software is available to streamline processing and electronic reporting of ATO compliant End of Year payment summary information is provided.

The BusinessCraft Payroll module includes an integrated Human Resource system. With comprehensive menu security, this module provides the ability to track qualifications, accreditations, inductions, responsibility assignments and duties.

Important expiry notifications, personal warnings, actions and responses can also be managed.

GST/Business Activity

The GST module is integrated with all other financial modules ensuring accurate GST calculations and reporting. Split invoices across multiple GST codes using the GST calculator for accurate BAS Reporting. A

GST Adjustment facility is available for transaction audit history with BAS reporting for easier end-user understanding.


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