Job Costing Software

Job Costing is the vital hub within BusinessCraft in the engineering space. All costs are collected live from labour, materials, purchase orders, subcontractors and sundry expenses and used to calculate Work In Progress.


Download the BusinessCraft Job Costing overview here.


Job analysis can be completed in real time as the job progresses via reporting options that display:


- Current job cost details

- Labour efficiency and utilisation

- Cost centre analysis

- Actuals vs budget, forecasts or estimates

- Variations to job, job sections & cost centres

- Margin analysis


Jobs can be analysed by Job Type, Job Status, Customer Type, Job Manager and Market segment. Job scheduling is available by ordered date, required date, scheduled date or released date.


As an activity that almost all engineering customers utilise, recording time spent on jobs is a task that needs to be streamlined to maximise efficiency and productivity. BusinessCraft's timesheet module compliments the standard timesheet screens within BusinessCraft by offering an intuitive interface for users to log timesheets that can be integrated into their daily tasks easily.



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