Logistics Software

The BusinessCraft logistics modules offer a complete logistics solution for medium to large sized businesses that have a requirement to track stock. Comprehensive inventory costing, tracking and analysis is available in conjunction with the integrated purchasing, sales and light manufacturing modules included.


The logistics suite comprises the following modules.


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Inventory Management enables the control of your raw materials, finished goods and sub-assemblies, and is integrated with Job Costing, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Requisitions and Bill of Materials. This module allows for the detailed reporting of item numbers, serial numbers and supplier part numbers with multiple locations and nominated bins for accurate stock valuations.

Simple to use and fully integrated with the financial modules, BusinessCraft takes the pain out of stocktakes with accounting entries automatically created and adjustments posted.


Bill of Materials>

Bill of Materials is tightly integrated to Inventory Management for simple usage. Graphical display of all assemblies and up to 8 levels of sub-assemblies can be used with simple creation of new assemblies “on the fly”.


Sales Orders

Sales Order offers a comprehensive customer order tracking system, encompassing back ordering with a fully integrated truck capacity planning system for optimal distribution control. Complete integration with the other logistics modules ensures supplier lead times will never again impact promised customer deliveries. 


Purchase Orders

Purchasing provides the tools to raise purchase orders and track your supplier’s performance. Purchase orders are directed to specific jobs or to stock and can be automatically generated from Inventory levels, Quotes, Requisitions, and Back Orders. Purchase orders can also be automatically emailed with extra detail such as documents automatically attached.

Job costs are applied at the time of receipting and Purchase Order reports can be run by Order, Supplier, Item, and Jobs, and monitors your supplier performance and controls your supplier price lists ie. relevant supplier prices applicable to that location.



Requisitions are an important part of the process to creating requests for items required in your business’ operations. The use of the Requisitions module improves the efficiency of your purchasing and the requisitions are generated from the following areas and can be automated:

- Inventory min/max reorder points

- Estimates

- Back Orders

- Staff requisitions

- Range of jobs

- Making to stock

An approval process is required, subject to the value of the requisition and the authorisation level of the person requesting the items.


Work Orders

Work Orders are the final piece of the BusinessCraft logistics suite, providing the ability to make pre-determined bill of material parent items to stock, via automated requisition generation of components and sub-assemblies. Complete integration with job costing ensures that all materials issued to the work order plus any associated labour or subcontracting costs are captured and revise the average cost of the parent stock item accordingly on order completion.



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