Estimating & Colour Selections Software

From dedicated Bill of Materials that are simple to maintain, build up your price book to generate professional sales quotations quickly and efficiently either via your website or in the office. Once the quotation has been accepted by the customer, use this detail to complete your bill of quantities and generate Purchase Orders, which can be emailed with plans and other documents attached. Report on your margin movement using extensive Extra to Schedule (ETS) controls that directly link into the Supplier Invoicing module for complete control of your estimating systems.


The BusinessCraft Estimating suite contains the following modules. Click on each of the following to find out more: Sales Estimating | Dedicated Bill of Materials | Colour Selections | Production Estimating (Scheduling) | Purchase Orders | Declared Margin & ETS


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Sales Estimating

Utilise powerful purpose-built sales estimating tools that quickly provide a professional looking tender and early margin analysis. Select variation items from the BusinessCraft Price Book to control sell price based on area and effective date. Run the Margin Analysis Report to view expected margin based on customer selections and adjust any margin errors that may be encountered. Customise your tender layout to suit your business’ branding.


Dedicated Bill of Materials

BusinessCraft includes a comprehensive Bill of Materials module that provides the best foundation to estimating tasks with the ability to go up to 8 bill levels deep. Select component items from the item library and apply different cost centres to the same item. Further extend this capability by using sub-sections to automatically split Purchase Orders in a multiple load situation. Receive automatic supplier rates information whilst maintaining standard bills. Maintenance is made easier with the ability to globally update all bills using the Substitution, Addition & Deletion options.


Colour Selections

Virtually unlimited recording of customer colour selections to keep you constantly informed. Produce professional selection documents, and report on any selections by a customer, depending on their progress through the building cycle.

How often have you needed to know which customers have selected a brick that has become unavailable, and you needed to know if they haven't reached 'brickwork commenced'? Do it in the time it takes to produce a report with BusinessCraft.

Even automatically modify your production estimate and print on Purchase Orders to ensure no selections are overlooked.


Production Estimating (Scheduling)

Utilising the Bill of Materials module, production estimates can be generated with ease leading to increased productivity. Transfer the selected items from the accepted quotation in sales estimating to reduce errors when checking customer selections.

The BusinessCraft estimating process:

a. Optionally consolidates “like” items

b. Sets defaults suppliers by cost centre and area prior to applying the correct rates

c. Performs component translations to automatically modify the estimate based colours selected

Track estimator changes with a full audit history of changes made to the estimate compared to the original selected bill of materials to assist in identifying cost overruns. Use loads and nominated suppliers to reduce the number of cost centres required, reducing bill maintenance. Cost Centre summary reports provide expected margin reporting before going to market and extend reporting by comparing up to 20 bills by cost centre side-by-side on one page. Once you have reviewed or adjusted the calculated Sell Price of your items, perform an authorisation of these sell prices for automatic updating of the item price book for future quotations.


Purchase Orders

Generate Purchase Order from estimate information to automatically split orders based on nominated suppliers and loads within each cost centre. To remove the need for note items, utilise clause codes for standard descriptions that can be printed at the start or end of selected orders.

Automatically email orders to selected suppliers AND optionally attach extra information, such as drawings. The Purchase Orders module ensures Extra To Schedule (ETS) control when issuing orders against original budget or contract variations with all orders requiring to be locked prior to declaring job margin, which is completed typically before going on site.


Declared Margin & ETS

The Declare Margin process locks expected margin just prior to going to site for future ETS control and reporting. You are then able to compare current margin throughout construction to the declared margin at any time.

Extra to Schedule (ETS) is used for unexpected costs that are incurred at the cost centre level, which therefore erode the anticipated job margin. When an ETS cost is incurred, BusinessCraft can force a reason and person responsible, recording this information in the ETS transaction history.



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