Contract & Land Management

BusinessCraft’s Contract Management module co-ordinates the entire building system. It can be used stand-alone or fully integrated to the estimating and accounting modules for complete control. Linked to Accounts Receivable, it enables multiple contracts per customer. 

Use the Operating Centres to automatically determine correct profit & loss General Ledger accounts within the accounting system for absolute system integration. Define your own task list that links to forecasting schedules, providing total analysis of timeframes throughout the entire building lifecycle. You can even track tasks and costs across multiple contracts based on project, stage and sub-Stage.


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Contract Tasks

BusinessCraft’s task lists are completely user-definable and can change depending on the type of sale. Whether it is a Home only or Home & Land Sale, Spec Build or Sell, BusinessCraft provides total workflow tracking and reporting for fingertip control of your contracts.

Automatically forecast all tasks using set durations or implement duration variables that can change depending on the home being built or by another calculation, such as $/day. Why not compare forecasts and actual completion dates to the baseline, to see where a process may be costing you time and money.


Variation Management

Ever wondered the status of a contract variation? BusinessCraft provides the ability to record and track every variation, including:

• Pre-Contract Variations

• Post-Contract Variations

• Building Variations

Each variation is tracked and reported using its own set of tasks ensuring that costly mistakes are minimal. Even Purchase Orders can utilise a building variation’s expected cost, allowing highly accurate Extra to Schedule reporting.


Service & Warranty

Record all customer warranty issues using the Service Request module. Each request may contain multiple issues, with each issue recording information such as Service Type, Supplier conducting work, Completion Dates and further notes. Produce Service Sheets for Service Supervisors or a separate sheet for customers to sign-off on acceptance of work.

Report on all service requests including outstanding requests, completions for period by type of service, service costs or design your own.


Contract Reporting

Report the current status of all contracts at any stage, and predict future problems that may arise. Capture full detail, summary or graphical KPI and Statistical reporting for all departments of your business, and automatically schedule these reports for information at your fingertips.

Generate to do lists for your staff ensure that they are always kept informed of high priority jobs and tasks for their day. You have complete design control over any report produced.



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