BusinessCraft unveils documentation website

By Steve Parish
Category: Announcements

Now it’s a quick click to access help, guides and manuals

BusinessCraft is pleased to announce that our documentation website is live from 30th March 2017. Go To

We've created this website to better serve our customers' needs, and it's available to anyone interested in learning more about our software.


New help files

This website is where you'll now find product, process and installation guides for the full range of BusinessCraft software packages. Please note we are reworking all existing documentation so this is a gradual process with documents only being published when we are satisfied with the content.

Since we started, we've been working hard to create a product that helps businesses across Australia to streamline their processes and keep track of all their operations in one place. We're immensely proud of what we've accomplished in that space, but while we've been focussing on delivering the best software, we haven't always had the best documentation in place to support our users.

By launching this website, we're setting that balance right and bringing our documentation up to the level of our main offering.

Greg Barrass, ... at BusinessCraft, said "BusinessCraft is a powerful industry leading integrated software solution. We recognise that to obtain maximum benefit from those features our customers need easy access to clear, concise and complete documentation at any time."

Steve Parish, Managing Director and founder of BusinessCraft has also stated his encouragement for the continued feed-back and support that comes from operational users, “It’s this flow of information that helps us prioritise the improvements and development of the BusinessCraft system”.


What to expect

The new site has a huge depth of information, ideal for teaching new users how to get to grips with the system and as a reminder for our more experienced customers.

The notes are split into eight main sections to allow you to find what you need quickly and easily:

  • Navigation
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Dashboard
  • BusinessCraft Service
  • Optional Modules
  • Installation Guides
  • Process Guides

Many of these sections are then broken down further into sub-categories to allow for a greater depth of knowledge and a more helpful service. For example, Finance is broken down into General Ledger, Assets, Invoicing and Business Activity. As additional guides are published more links will appear.

You can also use the search function to pinpoint the article that will be of most use.


Benefits of the site

The Documentation Website is available for all BusinessCraft customers to use. Customers have unlimited and unrestricted access to all the guides and help files we've created, and are able to access the site on mobiles and tablets as well as computers. 

The website is an ongoing process, and will be updated whenever new versions of the software are rolled out.

We'll continue to announce product updates and new releases using our current e-mail process.


BusinessCraft Service Portal

This isn't the only big news to come from the BusinessCraft office. Very soon we're expecting to launch the BusinessCraft Service Portal as a secure and easy way for customers to get in touch with us. You'll be able  to log service requests, track request progress, as well as get answers to frequently asked questions.

In the meantime, please have a look at the new Documentation Website and let us know what you think.