BusinessCraft celebrates 30 years of success

By Steve Parish
Category: Announcements

BusinessCraft and its founder Steven Parish have recently celebrated a momentous occasion; the Newcastle based Software Company celebrated 30 years in business. 


BusinessCraft designs, installs and maintains fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the building and engineering industries, employing 14 people plus contractors. It’s been quite a journey from humble beginnings in the mid 1980s.


Growing from a company of two in a world where computers were large, clunky and uncommon sights in offices, BusinessCraft has established itself as a leader in the Australian software industry, working with some of the country's biggest names.


Steven was halfway through his engineering degree in 1986 when he started BusinessCraft (originally named Computer Systems Development). It was a time when computers were new to the world, but that would soon change. A year later, Steven built his home, got married and completed his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Newcastle with honours (including a project on a CAD system). 


Frank Cottrell, Steven's partner, already had a company that serviced computer hardware. One of their clients needed help with some software, which is where Steven's coding expertise came into play. 


Steven Parish, a co-founder of BusinessCraft and today's sole owner said, "My partner had a software that designed kitchens and one of the kitchen designers also wanted to have accounting software. After the client acquired the accounting software, he needed somebody to look after it, and that's what I took on. I got in there, I tidied it up, and started to add more functionality to it, and that’s how we got started."


Today, BusinessCraft works with many of the nation's top names in building and engineering. By favouring long-term relationships BusinessCraft has been able to grow alongside its clients.


BusinessCraft has always had the mantra of doing things right and as they began to hire people, it was important for Steven that they also aligned with the vision. 


According to Steve, "When we hire people, I share our vision and our ‘rules of the game’, so that we continuously set the culture. This guides every decision we make as to what goes into the software; we keep coming back to 'what does our vision say?' We've got a lot of long-term employees, and I guess that’s partly because they’re invested in that vision."


One of those long-term employees is Micheal Pepper who has just celebrated 20 years at BusinessCraft. Micheal, originally a Pastry Chef, joined BusinessCraft in 1997 and although he has seen huge changes in technology and the way the company approaches its work, Micheal says BusinessCraft has remained true to its vision. 


Micheal said, "The company's always changing, I like how fluid it all is. Twenty years ago, I was working on the DOS application and then it became Windows and all the other various technologies that have come out since. The product itself has evolved dramatically over 20 years."


"The culture has always had an awareness of the importance of the client base. Steve has always drilled into us the importance of looking after customers. From that perspective, nothing has changed because the clients have always been number one to us.”


The high opinion of BusinessCraft is also shared with its new employees. Val Abolins has had a long and distinguished career in the building industry, but it was only this year that he began working for BusinessCraft.


Val said, "I targeted BusinessCraft to work there. I've been in this gig for 30 plus years now, in building and IT. The key attraction was BusinessCraft’s industry standing."


"I happened to hit quite an exciting period to join the company. You could say 30 years of consolidation but there's definite growth planned now. That's been immediately apparent with how much development has gone into the current release of the BusinessCraft software”.


"Being part of that and having an ear with Steven, who is always involved in the process mapping, from the early systems with AV Jennings and pioneering brand new building systems through to the current release, has been fantastic. I wanted to work for someone who knows the industry intimately and Steven does." 


Brad Gunn has been with BusinessCraft for more than eight years, having worked in the building industry for more than 27 years.


Brad said, "I like my job. I like that I'm still in that industry, but now I'm seeing another side of things in terms of high level operations, programs and management."


"I like seeing solutions come to reality for our customers and introducing efficiency into their business. I kind of like trouble shooting, understanding how businesses operate and translating that into what our program can do to make that an absolutely brilliant process that can benefit the rest of the customer base." 


"I've got a very professional relationship with Steven. He's a very technical person, he has the capacity to take on a lot of information and filter that down to the nitty-gritty of what we need to do with the programme. I like having those sorts of discussions with him about solutions for the software and for clients. I also think he knows about burning the midnight oil more than anyone to try and find out what the next latest and greatest thing that he can introduce. I have a lot of respect for him." 


To find out more about the engineering and home building industry software and how it can help your business streamline its processes, call BusinessCraft on 02 4965 5555 or visit our website. Alternatively, you can email Steven.